General Conditions


To be eligible to enter, settle, and stay in a campground, you must be authorized by the manager or his representative. Its obligation to ensure the proper conduct and good order of the campground and respect of the application of these rules.
The fact to remain on the campground implies acceptance of these rules and the commitment to comply.


Anyone wishing to stay overnight in the campground must first submit to his manager or representatief and complete the formalities required by police.
These parts will be delivered to him upon departure.
Unaccompanied minors from their parents will be allowed only with written authorization from them.


The tent or caravan and its equipment must be installed at the location indicated in accordance with directions given by the manager or his representative.


A the reception desk all the information on the services of the campsite, the information on the potential supply, sports facilities, tourist attractions in the area and the various addresses that may be useful.
A book or a special box to receive the claims shall be available to users. The complaints will be considered only if they are signed, dated, and as accurate as possible relating to relatively recent.


The fees are paid at the reception desk. The fees are being displayed at the entrance to the campground and desk. They are due to the number of nights spent in the campground. The day of arrival to day of departure at 12 o clock.
Campers must make payment of their stay the day before departure.


Exceptions may be granted by management in connection with certain events.
Users of the campground are urged to avoid all the noise and discussions that might disturb their neighbors. The sound devices are only tolerated to the extent that they remain inaudible in the immediate vicinity. They should be adjusted accordingly.
The closing of doors and trunk should be as unobtrusive as possible.


Dogs and other animals should never be left free.
They should not be left at the campsite, even locked in the absence of their masters who are civilly responsible


After being authorized by the manager or his representative, visitors can be admitted into the campground under the responsibility of the campers who receive them.
The camper may be required to pay a fee, to the extent that the visitor has access to benefits and / or facilities of the campground.
This fee is being displayed at the entrance to the campground and desk.
Visitors’ cars are prohibited in the campground.


Traffic is prohibited between 10 pm and 7 am
Inside the ground, vehicles must travel at a speed limit of 10 km / h.
May circulate in the field that vehicles belonging to campers staying.
Parking is strictly prohibited on sites normally occupied by the camping accommodation, should not impede traffic or interfere with the installation of new arrivals.
Campers installed on sites along the lake are required to park their vehicles along roads.


Everyone is obliged to refrain from any action which could affect the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campground and its facilities, including health.
Glass, papers, plastics and batteries should be disposed in containers provided for this purpose.
It is forbidden to throw waste on the ground or in lakes. The caravan must empty their wastewater facilities provided for this purpose
Household waste, waste of any kind, the papers must be filed in the trash.
Washing is prohibited outside the bins provided for this purpose.
The drying clothes should be discreet and not disturb the neighbors.
Plantations and flowers must be respected. It is prohibited to the camper to drive nails into trees, cut branches, make plantations.
It is not permissible to define the location of a facility by means of personal or digging.
Any damage to the vegetation, fences, terrain or ground facilities will be at the charge of the author.


a) Fire.
Open fires (fires of wood or coal), the use of flammable liquids are strictly prohibited. Stoves must be kept in good working order and not to be used in hazardous conditions.
In case of fire immediately notify management. Fire extinguishers can be used if necessary.
A first aid kit is at the desk.
Management is responsible for objects left at the office and a general obligation to monitor the campground. The camper remains responsible for its own facility and must report to the head the presence of any suspicious persons.
Misdemeanor theft or result in immediate expulsion of the author, without prejudice to legal proceedings that may be incurred.
Although the guards are insured, users are invited to the usual provisions for the safeguarding of their equipment.


No violent game, or embarrassing can be arranged near the facilities or the pool enclosure. Children should always be the responsibility of their parents.
The meeting room can not be used for physical games.

Caravan park

It can not be left unoccupied equipment on the ground, after approval of the management and only at the specified location. A fee, whose amount will be displayed in the office, may be due to the “caravan”.

Special conditions


1. If weather permits, the nudity is mandatory especially in the pool.
2. Vacationers should behave with the utmost correction, both inside and outside the domain
3. No attitude of voyeurism or exhibitionism, or any conduct likely to offend children or adults will not be tolerated.
The offender will be immediately expelled without recourse
4. It is prohibited to hunt game of any kind by any means.
5. Sport fishing is permitted in the lakes of the land.
The fish must be returned to the water. A fee, whose amount will be displayed in the office, may be due to be admitted to fish


It is expressly forbidden to photograph or film a group or person without having received permission of the individuals involved or parents with regard to children.
This Regulation shall be displayed at the entrance to the campground and at the reception desk. It is given to the customer upon request.


With the exception of point 3, special conditions, which result in immediate expulsion.
In the event that a resident would disturb the other guests stay or does not comply with the provisions of these rules, the manager or his representative may orally or in writing if deemed necessary, it remains to stop the unrest.
In case of serious or repeated breach of the regulations and after notice by the Manager to comply, it may terminate the contract.
If a criminal offense, the manager may call on law enforcement.
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