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Visit Valensole in Provence
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Discover the Valensole plateau and the Pays du Verdon During your natursite camping holiday in Provence

Located in the Alpes de Haute-Provence in the south of France, between the Mediterranean and the Parc du Verdon, Camping Tikayan Petit Arlane is ideally located for visiting Provence during your camping holiday!

In the heart of the Valensole plateau, surrounded by lavender fields, there is a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Discover the Lac de Sainte Croix, located about fifteen kilometers from our naturist campsite, its wild beaches, and visit the superb Gorges du Verdon 30km away, by kayak, pedal boat or electric boat. The Valensole plateau is both close to the typical villages of Provence and the Haut Var such as Moutiers Sainte Marie, Bauduen, Aiguines, Riez, the spa resort of Gréoux les Bains, and Lubéron. The Durance valley and the north of Provence offer some visits to remarkable cities such as Manosque, Sisteron, the village of Les Mées dominated by their famous penitents, Dignes-les-bains.

Maison musée d'Alexandra David Nee à Digne les Bains (Alpes de Haute Provence)

Digne les Bains : Alexandra David Néel Museum Alexandra David Néel Museum

Alexandra David - Neel between Tibetan Mystics and Magicians.
circuits VTT verdon

Mountain biking circuit Activity

From the Alpes de Haute-Provence to the Var, discover all the circuits and mountain bike routes of the Verdon, according to your desires.

Randonnées pédestres Verdon

Hiking Activity

From 300 to 700 meters of cliffs, Summits over 3,000 meters. Breathtaking trails! The unique turquoise blue of the Verdon! In the heart of the Parc du Verdon, you cross landscapes with a wild and unique character. Atypical paths in a grandiose environment to contemplate without moderation!

canoé kayak

Canoe Kayak Activity

Fall for a canoe rental and enjoy an unforgettable moment with your loved ones!

The best places are:
- The Lake of Sainte Croix
- Quinson
- Esparron of Verdon
- Castellane

Lac les Vannades

Vannades Lake Visit

Managed by the city of Manosque, Lac des Vannades is a real haven of peace and freshness. The practice of water sports seems ideal there, and you can swim there under supervision during the summer. For even more leisure and comfort, the city has installed picnic areas, a fast food stand, a mini-golf course, as well as all the equipment necessary for sailing and rowing.

Les Mées

Les Mées Visit

The village of Les Mées, a commune in the Alpes de Haute Provence, has the largest number of olive trees in the region and is renowned for its olive oil, which has won several awards. But what makes this village so unusual is its folklore: indeed, according to legend, the narrow rocks rising more than 100m high above the village are actually petrified penitents, punished by punishment. divine for having succumbed to desire through the influence of the Devil. It is true that their atypical shape is strangely reminiscent of the appearance of monks wearing hoods….


Villages and cities of characters Visit

The Valensole plateau is recognized for its villages of character, since indeed a dozen of its villages have obtained a label for their artisanal productions, their environment and their architectural heritage.

RIEZ: Overlooking the confluence of the 3 valleys and built on the side of the Saint Maxime hill, this village is characterized above all for its medieval atmosphere, its architectural points of interest and its pottery and earthenware craftsmen.

DAUPHIN: With its limestone architecture, and its panoramas as far as the eye can see, it is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the region. The city's craftsmanship will also seduce you with quality productions (art ironwork, pottery and ceramics, etc.).

MANE: Famous for its “pointed huts” in dry stone, its feudal citadel and its remains of aqueducts and necropolis are also part of its charm and will make you want to know more about this village.

LURS: Surrounded by one of the five most beautiful olive groves in Provence and perched just above the Durance, this village is a true concentrate of history and heritage. Indeed, part of a hiking trail starting from the village is part of the famous route to Santiago de Compostela!

Musée de Quinson

Quinson Museum van de Prehistorie Museum

The Prehistory Museum, located in the town of Quinson on the banks of the Verdon, offers an overview of human evolution in Haute-Provence, an opportunity for history lovers to learn more about the region and its origins. Cut stones, ceramic weapons, ornaments and other relics of the past will arouse your curiosity and the life-size reconstructions, among the various exhibitions, will amaze young and old.
Bouquet de lavande

Lavender Plant

If one plant were to represent all of Provence on its own, it would undoubtedly be lavender. Our campsite, located on the Valensole plateau, is right in the heart of its culture. Recognizable by its color and smell, lavender embellishes the whole plateau, especially during its full bloom, from early june to mid July to the end of July. Come and discover this plant like you have never done before, through walks in the fields, distillery, dedicated workshop and all its local products which are the pride of Haute Provence!

Gréoux les bains

Gréoux-les-bains Visit

Come and discover the village of Gréoux-les-Bains, which will seduce you with its rich history and its way of life. You can stroll in its center, in the middle of its fountains, washhouses and squares, possibly passing by the famous "Castle of the Templars", a medieval fortress classified as a historical monument since 1840... You can also discover the specialties of the large Provençal market, which takes place every Thursday morning; as well as those of the night market which takes place every Friday evening in high season, on the pedestrian street. Another atypical place characterizes this village, not to be missed for lovers of birds of prey: the animal park "Les Aigles du Verdon", which will amaze young and old for sure!


Valensole village and plateau Visit

Located at an altitude of 500m and extending over an area of approximately 800km², the Valensole plateau is not far from the Gorges du Verdon.

Covered with fields of lavender, Valensole is one of the region's flagship destinations.

The surrounding localities such as St Martin de Brômes, Riez or Esparron are among the many wonders of this region.

Lovers of Provençal landscapes will enjoy strolling around the site at the end of spring, when the lavender invades the plateau with its colors and its summer smell.

The village of Valensole will also delight your taste buds, since it is, in fact, known for its lavender honey with a subtle and delicate flavor... A real gift for the senses!

Lac de Sainte Croix

Le Lac de Sainte Croix Visit

Classified as the third largest lake in France and with an area of more than 2200 hectares, the Sainte-Croix lake is also one of the most remarkable places in the Verdon. With its azure water and its landscaped beaches, worthy of postcard decorations, the lake offers many activities to do with friends or family. You can rent an electric boat to sail freely on the water, explore the lake in a canoe or pedal boat, go around the lake by bike or even enjoy the many hiking trails around this heavenly place.
Moustiers Sainte Marie

Moustiers Sainte Marie Visit

Moustiers Sainte Marie ligt op slechts 3 km van de camping en wordt beschouwd als een van de mooiste dorpen van Frankrijk. Genesteld in de rotsen en tegen de berg geleund, in volledige harmonie met zijn omgeving, is dit dorp in de eerste plaats beroemd om zijn aardewerk en zijn hangende ster. Maar dat zijn lang niet de enige troeven van deze plek die de Provence ademt...
U zult genieten van een wandeling door de smalle straatjes die zo typerend zijn voor Moustiers Sainte-Marie, met zijn pleinen en fonteinen, de waterval die zichtbaar is vanaf de brug, in het centrum van het dorp of het aardewerkmuseum...
U zult zeker ook genieten van het adembenemende uitzicht vanaf de kapel Notre-Dame de Beauvoir, die uitkijkt over het hele dorp. Als u de plaats vanuit andere invalshoeken wilt ontdekken, kunt u via de paden die vanuit de dorpen beginnen, er omheen gaan terwijl u geniet van de beste landschappen (Claux-pad, Tréguier-botanisch pad, Romeinse weg, enz.).

Gorges du Verdon

Le Verdon Visit

Designated as the highest gorges in Europe, the Gorges du Verdon are among the most unmissable destinations in the region. With its breathtaking panoramas and the turquoise of its river, this marvel of nature will satisfy your desires for escape. You can discover the right and left banks, via the villages of La Palud sur Verdon and Aiguines, as well as the Route des Crêtes circuit… And what could be better than a hike to explore the canyon? You can take the Blanc-Martel trail (14 km; between 5.5 and 6 hrs of walking), the Imbut trail (13 km; between 5 and 5 hrs. of walking) or the Grand Margès trail (10 km between 4h30 and 5h walk). Many water sports will also delight thrill seekers, with rafting and aquatic hikes on the agenda!

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